Actor Darius McCrary Back In The Headlines, Claims He’s Concerned For Safety

Darius McCrary is back in the headlines today following brand-new details surrounding the status of him and an ex-girlfriend. This is not the very first time Darius dating life has actually struck the media, and he has a history of fighting with his exes. Lets have a look at his dating history and the most recent details surrounding him.

Darius was previous wed to professional athlete Tammy Brawner. She is also an actress known for her roles in films like She Ball, Slamma Jamma, and Tomboys at Tea. Brawner and McCrary satisfied in 2014 and wed that exact same year. Tammy is a basketball star and bet the Harlem Globetrotters in 2015. Tammy’s legal concerns started throughout her stint on the group after she sued them, declaring they fired her due to her pregnancy. She would ultimately bring to life her child Zoey with Darius.

Tammy and Darius did not last long, declaring divorce in 2017 and mentioning difference of opinions. They were both implicated each other being physical with each other and had actually limiting orders submitted versus one another. Brawner would become given custody of their child and Darius was bought to pay kid assistance. He had actually been apprehended in 2015 in connection to kid assistance deficit from his 2 other kids.

Tammy claimed that Darius tried to harm their daughter Zoey and reportedly held her over a pot of hot water. They would ultimately settle their split and go their different methods. Prior to Tammy, Darius was likewise wed to Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. She would allege that he abused their son as well but later admitted to lying about this.

Darius settled his divorce from Tammy and started dating another lady. He and his brand-new woman are having concerns also and Darius reported that in 2015 she broke a window in his automobile and chased him with a lead pipeline. The unknown lady has actually been trying to take Darius’ canine. Despite declare a re-training order, he would ultimately not get it due to him disappointing up for court. 

McCrary claims that he was unable to go to the court date due to him needing to leave from his ex and being displaced at the same time. He states she has actually taken control of their house and turned it into a “drug den.” Darius is so scared of what his ex might do next and cannot focus on work or day to day for fear.” While she is reported to have actually left the nation to look for rehabilitation, it appears she is still having concerns.

Darius alleges that the woman also put all his things in storage and refused to return them. She also made threats on his and his dog’s lives. Darius states he fears things may end like Phil Hartman. Hartman was a Saturday Night Live comic who was fatally hurt by his spouse, Brynn Omdahl, in 1998. She would also take her own life as well. Its reported that they had had a heated argument and she was on substances at the time she took their lives.

McCrary seems like his ex is trying to obtain him and has actually been working overtime to harm his track record by calling him names and informing his organization within his expert circles. “I am afraid she will cause further damage,” he stated in a declaration.

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