Bill Cosby Comes To R. Kelly’s Defense Believes Singer Was Railroaded Following Sentencing

R. Kelly has his die-hard fanbase holding him down right now because it has been revealed that he was sentenced to an extra 20 years in Illinois. While the court docket is permitting him to serve his two sentences concurrently, solely leading to one further yr, many individuals nonetheless really feel like the general sentence is extreme for a person taking the autumn alone for 20-year-old icnidents. In his corner is another man who understands the system too well, Bill Cosby.

Cosby is the age R. Kelly will likely be if he makes it out of jail alive. Many didn’t consider Cosby would see the sunshine of day ever once more both, however the former tv dad bought off on a technicality in Philadelphia after they uncovered an settlement between Cosby and the Supreme Court from 2004. In it, they agreed to not cost Cosby if he was to ever give any incriminating info on himself. A promise that stood up in court docket regardless of there being nothing formally put in writing.

It is unsure if Kelly has something like this within the pipeline that would get him out sooner. Back when Kelly was first sentenced, Bill Cosby and his spokesperson felt he bought “railroaded” by legal professional Gloria Allred. Cosby’s rep, Andrew Wyatt, spoke with TMZ and stated, “the guy was railroaded. Gloria Allred did the same thing that she did with ‘Cosby.’” Wyatt and Cosby name it Gloria’s “playbook” and state that her calling card is having tons of girls run to the press with confessions in order that the general public can flip in opposition to males like Cosby and Kelly.

When requested what Bill Cosby personally thinks about R. Kelly’s sentencing, his legal professional says that it’s all an “assault on successful black men who are doing great things.” Bill Cosby legal professional then lays out the playbook R. Kelly will use to be launched just like Bill Cosby. “I see R. Kelly having a strong case on an appeal […] When he gets to the highest court in the land, I think we’ll see a conviction overturned,” Wyatt stated that R. Kelly was denied bond upon his arrest, one thing that was granted to Harvey Weinstein.

“We see this black-and-white issue in America,” Wyatt lamented. “We’ve seen it, and we’ve seen the assault on successful black men who have wealth.” Wyatt believes Gloria solely goes after black males. According to Wyatt, Gloria Allred is the lady accountable for lots of black males in leisure taking place.

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