Black woman attacked by White man and arrested by cops

Black woman attacked by White man and arrested by cops

It’s amusing how individuals can assault the media for reporting it, however see no issue with the actions. All over the country, there are reports of minorities being attacked by members of other races. Instead of options, there is just finger pointing, and media blaming. Meanwhile, a woman went to Party City to get balloons for her birthday celebration, however wound up needing to safeguard herself, and getting arrested for it.

Moments like these program precisely how and why life can be brief. This young woman anticipated to be in and out of Party City. Instead of this being a small information in her day, the circumstance wound up making the news. All this woman did was park at the front of the shop, with consent from the shop, to get her balloons and leave.

Despite the woman getting the consent of Party City to park in front of the shop, a 74-year-old White man increased and had an issue with it. The man initially challenged the woman with an argument. After that, he reached striking the woman. As an outcome, she struck him back in self-defense. When the cops were called, they arrested the woman, regardless of evidence of her only performing in self-defense. In addition, the woman was at first charged with a felony.

After the story made the news, her charges were lowered to a misdemeanor.

Black woman attacked by White man and arrested by cops


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