Cardi B Claims She ‘Wanted To Be Dead’ In New Interview

Cardi B took a seat with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee where she discussed the online harassment from giants.

“I’m afraid to be vulnerable because people wanna say, ‘Oh, you looking for sympathy,”” she stated. “In 2019, I really…I felt like I was like, somebody dead inside a body. I kept telling people, ‘I just wanna die, I just wish I was dead, I wanna be dead.’”

She stated even her partner attempted to get her mind off the online bullying however it was extremely tough.

“People from my management was calling me. It was really bad. It’s terrible when people are making fun of you.”

During the Tasha K suit, she was implicated of having Herpes which was disproven.

“I wasn’t a celebrity,” she included. “I was somebody that really wanted to be dead. It just made me cry. It was a point that I felt like I was so weak of a person that I was [too] weak to be a mom.”

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