Comedian Corey Holcomb BLASTS Beyonce and Jay Z … Suggests Link To Jeffrey Epstein!!

Comedian Corey Holcomb, the host of the popular 5150 podcast, is making some quite outrageous declarations about Jay Z and Beyonce, and it has the web ON FIRE, Media Take Out has actually discovered.

Corey went on his podcast the other day and recommended that Jay and Bey were in some way linked to Jeffrey Epstein, and the island where the departed billionaire apparently took girls to be made use of.

Media Take Out has actually looked into the problem, and discovered no reputable proof connecting either Beyonce or Jay Z to Jeffrey Epstein. But who requires truths nowadays – certainly not Corey!!

Corey informed his podcast listeners that “Beyonce, and the camel were on p*do island.”

He continued, “It’s like [her fans] give her a pass. She can have a concert and everything even though she’s a known participant on p*do island. It’s like people want to dismiss it.”

Then Corey compared Beyonce to R Kelly. He mentioned to his listeners, “Beyonce does all that, but R Kelly is the bad guy.”

The comedian’s outrageous declarations continued, stating “R Kelly was just having s** with the shorties, Beyonce and them were killing them … Beyonce and Jay Z were there where they were sacrificing kids.”

You much better think that Jay Z and Beyonce’s group is going to move HARD versus Corey.

You truly need to hear it to think it – it’s quite repulsive:

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