Danny Boy Recalls The Time He Confronted His Former Friend Ray J For Spreading Personal Details On His Life

Danny Boy was when a Death Row tape-recording artist. In 2016, the vocalist came out to the world after experiencing his former enthusiast take his own life. However, prior to coming out, his former friend Ray J exposed his service to individuals within their circle. While taking a seat with No Vultures, Danny Boy was inquired about his relationship with Ray J, and the vocalist offered an upgrade nobody was anticipating to hear.

While going to a hair salon, Danny Boy encountered among his kids who exposed to him Ray J had actually been running around the town spreading reports about him. According to the man, Ray J was informing everybody Danny Boy was attempting to get him to do things with him. The vocalist was likewise spreading reports about Danny Boy’s usage of compounds. ” Ray J stated you attempted to get him to do some gay things,” the guy informed Danny Boy.

At the time of this encounter, Danny Boy was not out, so in addition to spreading reports, Ray J was likewise in the streets ‘Outing’ Danny Boy to individuals in the market. However, regardless of keeping his choice trick previously, Danny Boy declares he came out that day and pulled Ray J out with him. “I came out in that barbershop, or should I say we came,” the vocalist specified.

Danny Boy called out Ray J. for declaring he made him do things and informed Ray J to expose whatever if he wished to speak about it. “Since you wanna throw the gay stuff on me – since we’re all here – let’s be honest and tell them how gay we all was together. [Ray J] got mad, because he couldn’t whoop me, and I didn’t really say what we did,” Danny Boy stated.

The former Death Row vocalist went on to state if he had actually stated all the things he understands individuals are doing, nobody would be calling him names. “Like if I say all the stuff I know [people] be doing… you wouldn’t be calling him names.” Danny went on to state Ray J stopped speaking with him. “I guess because I talk too much, but he is the one who talks too much,” the vocalist states.

After talking about the extreme encounter, Danny Boyd chose to put a disclaimer out specifying, “I am not calling Ray J because I might want a scooter bike.” This isn’t the very first time Danny Boy Revealed this details. Last year, the vocalist took a seat with The Art of Dialogue and talked about Ray J spreading reports, and how Ray J seen Faith Evan’s resting on Tupac’s lap.

Ray J has yet to repsond to the claims. Ray J is presently wed with 2 kids.

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