Flesh-N-Bone Issues Nelly A Drugs Warning After Gangsta Boo’s Death

Flesh-N-Bone is informing Nelly to lay off the drugs following the death of Gangsta Boo.

The rap artist is not sober and desires the St. Louis rap artist to get tidy too.

“That’s one of the reasons why I quit doing substances,” Flesh informed TMZ, “because they all gateway drugs. All you dopers out there, y’all better be careful, because it’s dangerous; you don’t know what’s in it. But he was out there wigged out, you could tell he was stoned.”

Flesh is discussing the viral video of Nelly on phase just recently. Fans were worried that he was high up on drugs.

“Nelly you to good to be on that type of sh-t, man,” Flesh continued. “It kinda threw you off, I never seen you like that, man. You might wanna take the dose down just a little bit. Just a word of advice, leave that s-h-i-t- alone. It ain’t even worth it.”

Y’all believe Nelly was on something or simply high off life?

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