Huntington Beach PD In Hot Water After Months Of Good Deeds Following Anthony Lowe Controversy

Huntington Beach PD has actually been doing a great deal of good in current weeks however simply landed itself into some difficulty just recently. Despite doing their finest to safeguard and serve beachgoers in their county, the beautiful location is now in the nationwide spotlight following the slaying of yet another black male.

Back in November, Huntington Beach was awarded a $790,000 grant to prevent hazardous habits in the area. This remained in action to numerous major injuries on the roadways. They utilized the cash to employ more patrols and offer traffic security programs. Sergeant Mike Thomas informed journalism, “Our intent is to stop the most unlawful and dangerous behaviors that put people at risk and create an environment where everyone feels safe traveling.”

Around the same time, a meet and greet was staged for locals to connect with authorities in the area. They shared cookies and cocoa at their winter season open home back in December. They were signed up with by members of their fire security groups and fielded concerns from locals about their work and what they’re providing for the neighborhood. They hosted a shop with a cop day also and have actually been striving to restore the department’s credibility in the city.

Unfortunately, they still have a long method to go. Today, video footage struck the web of HBPD taking the life an amputee on the ground beside his wheelchair. The event is the most recent in a perpetual string of police hurting individuals of color. The male was stated to match the description of somebody who was reported previously in the day wielding a knife. When HBPD approached him, he informed them he would toss the product at them.

Footage reveals the male attempting to crawl away as the event happens. The male was later on determined as Anthony Lowe, 36. The officers let go 10 rounds into Lowe. People are puzzled regarding what type of danger a male without any legs positions while crawling away.

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