Jen Shah’s ‘RHOSLC’ Allegedly Asked For Money To Pay Her Legal Fees

On the reunion program last night, Jen Shah’s RHOSLC costars declared she connected to a few of them for money to assist pay her legal fees.

“I really feel like it was financial and they saw something that was like, ‘Listen, it’s not worth rolling the dice because it’s going to be so expensive and if it’s not a clear win, we can’t risk it,” Heather stated of Jen taking the plea offer. “She said the cost of trial was astronomical. Just to get the transcripts it was $2000 a day and the cost was overwhelming.”

Heather states a number of Jen’s pals assisted her out by providing her money.

“They solicited friends for money and a lot of our friends gave them money,” Heather stated. “I did not give them money but I know people on this couch did.”

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