Kanye West throws woman’s phone after she recorded him

Kanye West throws lady’s phone after she recorded him

Kanye West has actually absolutely been a really hot subject on social networks, given that last fall. He lost his billionaire status as an outcome of making anti-Semitic remarks. Kanye lost recommendation handle brand names such as adidas, Balenciaga, and more. In December, Ye was likewise suspended on Twitter, for doubling down on anti-Semitic remarks and supporting Adolph Hitler.

Earlier today, Kanye likewise spoke to a paparazzi member who was taping him. However, on Friday, Ye encountered a number of more occurrences, connecting to him being recorded. One included speaking with a male from each other’s cars and trucks, as Kanye disliked that he was being recorded, while on his method to his kids’s basketball video game.

Another event took place while en route to this basketball video game, including a lady. She was seen recording Kanye from her automobile, as he quickly implicated her of “running up on her.” Eventually, Kanye wound up getting her phone, and tossing it. The lady quickly spoke with authorities, as it might have been connecting to the Kanye event.

Check out video footage of Kanye West’s most current occurrences including being recorded in public, here.

Kanye West throws lady’s phone after she recorded him

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