Kodak Black’s Attorney Weighs In On Gunna Vs 6ix9ine Snitching Comparisons

After claims that Gunna snitched on YSL, individuals have actually been comparing him to Tekashi 6ix9ine snitching to prevent a prolonged prison sentence…however Kodak Black’s attorney gotten on Twitter to describe the distinctions.

“I have been getting an enormous amount of DMs asking my opinion on Gunna vs 69 comparison. It’s interesting, but in my opinion different scenarios. First I don’t judge what a Def does in their own interest,” he captioned a post on Instagram.

Cohen states there is plainly a big distinction.

Bradford Cohen continued, “That’s their business. You can decide if you FW them or not and that’s your decision. Some people believe any snitching is snitching. In Gunna’s case his plea only effects the defense of Ythug if he was to blame Gunna for drugs in the car. Other than that the statement doesn’t come into a trial. Now vs. 69. That was full on testifying against co def and against others in the industry. Again, not saying what’s right or wrong, but there is a distinct difference in the 2 situations. What do you think…is any snitching snitching?”

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