Latto’s eBay Panty Auction Taken Down Due To ‘Health and Hygiene Standards’

After a fan clowned her for supposedly using the exact same panties on 2 various events, Latto put her utilized leopard print panty on eBay for sale…and the quotes reached over $90,000 prior to the auction vanished from the website.

“In light of my panty discrepancy yesterday, I’ve decided to give you guys an inside look on my panty drawer,” she stated displaying numerous of the exact same sets of panties prior to the auction. “These are all my Target panties that caused such a discrepancy yesterday. $5 at Target, here’s the cheetah stash.”

But eBay stopped the auction, pointing out health infractions.

According to Insider, the auction breached its “used clothing policy.”

“eBay is committed to maintaining a safe and vibrant community by ensuring goods sold on our platform comply with our policies, including our health and hygiene standards,” a business representative informed Insider in a declaration. “Listings that include used underwear are prohibited under our used clothing policy.”

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