R&B Singer Ashanti and Nelly’s Relationship History Explained After Video Of Couple Performing Goes Viral

Ashanti and Nelly are among hip-hop & R&B’s most long-lasting couples. Despite just being together a brief quantity of time, the 2 have actually been associated with one another since, and fans have actually been hoping the see the duo return together. While they’ve mentioned a rough ending for many years, current weeks have actually seen them appearing together at programs and “rekindling their flame” Let’s have a look at their history and see if these 2 might possibly have a brand-new future on the horizon.

Nelly and Ashanti were huge stars of the early ’00s pop age. Nelly was a crossover success leaping from hip-hop to pop thanks to his good-looking appearances, contagious production, and sing/song hooks. Ashanti had much of the exact same success, assisting the similarity Jennifer Lopez, Ja Rule, and Fat Joe score huge hits prior to ending up being a star in her own right. Nelly and Ashanti fulfilled at the 2003 Grammy, where the “Country Grammar” hitmaker asked her for her sign. Ashanti states it took her a while after that to provide him her number however ultimately, she did and the 2 outdated silently for over a years.

We just recently learnt that previous to them conference, Ashanti remained in a relationship with Irv Gotti however blew him off to get with Nelly. He was surprised to discover they were dating while viewing a basketball video game and seeing them seated in the stands. Irv started to distance himself from Ashanti and even threatened to damage Nelly if they continued dating.

Nelly and Ashanti split in 2014, with Ashanti alluding to a bitter breakup. She said she had been “betrayed” in the split and spoke about insecurities during a 2015 interview with Meredith Viera. “I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities, it allows them to act out of character,” she recalled. She went on to call him a coward. She kept this energy for years, even replying “word!” to a fan who yelled “f*** Nelly” at a 2018 concert. She’s kept a pretty low dating profile in the years since but has hinted towards having a man in her life in different interviews.

For Nelly, he went right on into the next relationship and started dating Shantel Jackson in 2014. The pair seemed very happy and remained together for six years. Rumors that they planned to get married were put to rest in 2021 when they announced they’d split. Shantel told followers on Instagram that they were just friends now.

Both back on the market, Ashanti and Nelly ran into each other at the Fat Joe & Ja Rule Verzuz and seemed to have gotten back on good terms. They started popping up at shows together after this sharing the stage for their singles “Body On Me” and “Good Good.” They’ve even poked fun at Irv Gotti, joking about buy basketball tickets at one stop following his recent rants about the pair. When discussing if she and Nelly would be going all the way with their reunion like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Ashanti admitted on Watch What Happens Live that they are on good terms and admits they are “cool now” after being at odds for a while.

“We’re in a better place, we had some conversations, so its cool,” she told Andy. When asked if they’re getting back together Ashanti stumbled on her words and stated I don’t know. Her and Nelly definitely appeared cool again as she grinded on him while on phase.

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