Real Boston Richey Addresses Snitching Video

Real Boston Richey spoke up once again about the snitching reports after a video of him being questioned by the police officers appeared online.

The video was dripped by vlogger 1090 Jake who likewise published documents apparently revealing Richey complying with police throughout 2 different case…a Grand Theft Auto case in 2013 and a murder case.

In the video, Richey apparently name-drops the supposed shooter.

Richey spoke with DJ Akademiks to attempt and clear up the video.

“In my city, this sh-t ain’t even no big situation ’cause everybody know about this sh-t. So as I’m getting interviewed, this like my second time being interviewed so now I’m just like on some sh-t like, ‘Y’all trippin’ me and bro had a situation but that sh-t I know for a fact this man ain’t kill my cousin.’ I don’t know who killed this man,’ we giving him the whole run around. That sh-t was a goose chase like me and my whole interview bruh.”

Richey declares any details he provided the police officers was phony.

“While I’m in an interview and I was on the way to jail I had already got hit with two new charges and I’m out on bond for a pistol charge, all type of sh-t. So you know they pressuring me the whole week, why they’re coming by like, ‘Oh yeah you gonna get hit with RICO charges … ’cause we know your cousin got killed behind your incident with Mr. Wiggins.””

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