Relationship Expert Kenya K Stevens: I’m Married To 2 Black Men & I Have Side Dudes… Everyone’s Happy!!

Relationship expert Kenya Stevens has 2 partners and ‘multiple’ side partners. And she declares that she’s happy and delighted to be polyamorous – and her partners enjoy their plan, Media Take Out has actually discovered.

Kenya Stevens described her unconventional relationships a current interview. “I have been married to my hubby number one (Carl Stevens) for 26 years and hubby number two (Tiger) for nine years,” Kenya states.


Kenya resides in North Carolina and has actually acquired a strong social networks following, since of her polyamory advocacy, Media Take Out has actually discovered

When we inquire about her side relationships – beyond her 2 marital relationships, an honest Kenya informed the job interviewer, “That’s uncountable. I have many partners, boyfriends and connections. Polyamory is not for everyone because it can be complex in a society where monogamy is a norm.”

She is the creator of the Progressive Love Academy (PSALMS), an online relationships, empowerment, and esoteric school, which is stated to assist enhance every element of life and highlight participants’ biggest capacity as spiritual and human beings.

“Many couples are waking up to the fact that humans are living outside our natural paradigm, meaning humans are not a monogamous species,” the mom of 3 states.

Kenya states marital relationships and households are separating, filled with infidelity. “We are creating solutions here at Progressive Love Academy that support couples in moving smoothly from monogamy to polyamory – for the sake of family and love,” she discusses.

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