Romeo Miller Says Master P Beef Was Not For Publicity

Romeo Miller and his dad, Master P, went back and forth on social networks weeks back…however the previous Growing Up Hip Hop star rejected it recommended promotion. Romeo is going back to the WeTV program after leaving in 2020.

“The funny thing is I shot that before all of that,” Romeo informed BallerAlert. “So people were saying this is for publicity and this and that. But my thing is, this is just about life. And if you’re going to be a celebrity, if you’re gonna be a public figure, you’re gonna have to have some things bleed out and deal with it and try to use it as an example for others to learn from you.”

Romeo implicated Master P of utilizing all of his rap cash to pay his taxes and not paying him up until just recently for Rap Snacks.

He continued: ” And it’s everything about interaction, that’s all. No household is ideal. You’re seeing other stars’ lives. If you remain in the general public eye, if you are a star, the important things you wanna reveal are gonna come out and the important things you don’t wanna reveal. And you gotta be strong enough to understand who you are, what you represent, to handle the ridicule and the misconception that’s gonna feature it.”

The dad and kid compressed their beef prior to New Year’s Day.

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