South Korean woman spent $60K to look like Kim Kardashian

South Korean woman spent $60K to look like Kim Kardashian

In South Korea, a woman called Cherri Lee matured, and she appreciated Kim Kardashian. She appreciated the truth star, turned style magnate, a lot that she desired to look like her. As an outcome, Cherri Lee strove to ensure it took place. Recently, Cherri Lee has actually gone viral for investing over $60,000 to live out her imagine looking like Kim K.

Cherri Lee’s birth name was Hanbyeol and, as a kid she saw Kim Kardashian on television. Then called Hanbyeol, she searched for to Kim Kardashian. Not just did she look up to Kim, Hanbyeol desired to look like Kim K. As an outcome, when she got old enough, Hanbyeol made relocations in order to make this occur.

First, in her efforts to make herself look like Kim Kardashian, Hanbyeol altered her name. She ended up being Cherri Lee and had her very first cosmetic surgery at the age of 20. Cherri Lee is now 28 years of age and she thinks she has actually finished her objective. In Cherri Lee’s viewpoint, she is now a Kim Kardashian lookalike. The picture above programs Cherri Lee’s prior to and after pictures, together with a current Kim K picture.

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South Korean woman spent $60K to look like Kim Kardashian

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