Stephen A. Smith says Rihanna “ain’t Beyoncé”

Stephen A. Smith says Rihanna “ain’t Beyoncé”

On February 12, Rihanna will be carrying out at the Super Bowl, in Phoenix. This statement was at first verified back in September. At the time, Rih published an image of herself holding an NFL football. That followed much speculation about her perhaps carrying out.

Last week, Rihanna and Apple Music likewise launched a teaser trailer, in preparation for this Super Bowl halftime program. This has actually likewise been airing on tv.

However, one critic who isn’t too delighted for Rihanna’s efficiency, is ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. The “First Take” host appeared on “The Sherri Show” on Wednesday, and described that he likes Rihanna, however she “ain’t Beyoncé.”

“Rihanna’s music is fantastic. She’s great. She’s a sister. I love her dearly, I listen to her music, I’m gonna support her ’til the cows come home. I’m just telling you, for me, there’s Beyoncé and there’s everybody else. Just like there’s Michael Jackson and there’s everybody else. Ladies and gentlemen, [Rihanna is] a lot of things. She’s spectacular actually and congratulations on new mamahood. There’s one thing she’s not — she ain’t Beyoncé.”

Rihanna fans on social networks have actually given that been cooking Stephen A., due to this questionable remark. Many concur that Rih is a legend also, and will place on among the very best Super Bowl halftime programs of all-time.

Check out Stephen A. Smith speaking on Rihanna’s upcoming Super Bowl efficiency, listed below.

Stephen A. Smith says Rihanna “ain’t Beyoncé”

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