White woman sprays Black homeless people with water hose

White woman sprays Black homeless people with water hose

The enlargement of social media has made it simpler than ever to attach with people. This similar connection has proven simply how unkind people could be once they suppose nobody is watching. But, social media has confirmed there’s at all times somebody watching. Not solely are they watching, however they’re additionally recording. In this case, the individual recording was additionally talking out. A person noticed a woman spraying two homeless people, and their tent, with a water hose, so he referred to as her out.

What is most infuriating concerning the cruelty captured on social media is how people place blame on the media for reporting it. Almost by no means is that very same anger directed on the people who’re out right here actively hurting different people. If everybody united towards people mistreating different people, the world would really develop into a greater place. In the meantime, people are nice with spraying different human beings with a water hose, all whereas sporting a t-shirt that reads “human rights.”

To have a place of job, it’s comprehensible to be upset to have homeless people camped out in entrance of the placement. What led as much as this woman, who occurred to be White, spraying water on these two homeless people, who occurred to be Black, is unknown. The video begins with a person calling the woman out for spraying these people. In addition to spraying the tent the people slept in, she additionally sprayed their meals. When referred to as out, the woman defended her actions.

Find the full video here.

White woman sprays Black homeless people with water hose

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