Woman invades airplane cockpit because she wants a drink

Woman invades airplane cockpit because she wants a drink

Since the turn of the 21st century, there have actually been worries about flying on planes. After all, a lot has actually occurred on flights. The worst part about the risks of flying is that it is now more about individuals doing such dumb things. A flight American Airlines flight going from Jacksonville, Florida, to Washington, DC, might have pertained to a unsafe ending. It was all due to a woman who entered into the cockpit to require a drink.

What is unfortunate is how inconsiderate individuals can be over small things. Yes, airplane flights are costly, and individuals should have to get what they spend for. At the very same time, nobody has a right to approach the pilot while he is flying the aircraft. Simply over a drink, a woman wanted to risk her life, and the lives of everyone on the flight. As a result, this woman wound up getting detained when the airplane was required to land.

Tiffany Miles, age 36, ended up being rowdy, when she was not served a drink. As a result, she got up and attempted to get in the cockpit to make certain she was served. In turn, another traveler got up to assist the flight attendants include Miles. Because she was acting so wild, the airplane was required to land at the Raleigh-Durham Airport in North Carolina. When the aircraft landed, Miles was detained on misdemeanor charges. She was later on launched.

Source: NY Post

Woman invades airplane cockpit because she wants a drink

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